About my website

The photographs in the library are mainly taken at Frankfurt Airport but include other airports I have visited.

If you are interested in purchasing high quality copies of my photos send an email to photo-order@aircraft-and-airports.com.

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Having completed your search, on clicking the Details button you will receive information concerning the aircraft in the photograph including location, aircraft type / registration, equipment used, exposure time / aperture setting, date and time the photograph was taken.


I would like to thank my wife who never complains when I'm taking photographs, even during our holidays in foreign countries.

Mr. Martin Pleßa, who helped me to get this homepage airborne.

Mr. Björn Schmitt, one of the best aircraft spotters I know, for helping me and guiding me to become a better "spotter" and especially for helping me to edit the photographs.

Many of the photographs were taken at the Dubai Airshow in the last years. I would like to thank Ulf Grinsvall and his family for their hospitality during these times.

Also of course, all my colleagues at Frankfurt Tower who stand in for me while I take a photograph of aircraft rarely seen at Frankfurt.